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Gambar Victory Hard-Ball 2012

Gambar Victory Hard-Ball 2012

2012 Victory Hard-Ball Features and Benefits

106 Cubic-Inch Freedom V-Twin
At the heart of Hard-Ball sits the Freedom V-Twin power plant, expertly balanced for perfectly controlled explosions that deliver 97 horsepower and 109 ft. lbs. of hole shot torque. Maestro of the motorcycle world, it's what keeps man, machine and highway working together in perfect harmony.

6-Speed Overdrive Transmission
The highest performing transmission on the road receives the power generated by the massive V-Twin and seamlessly turns it into something you can use. Neutral Selection Assist and helical-cut gears ensure every shift is as quiet and smooth as the one before.

Ape-Hanger Handlebars
Make a statement with two fists in the air. These blacked-out apes are what give the Hard-Ball its signature profile. Feel a little less simian? Pull 'em down low for a more relaxed, but no less intimidating riding position.

18-Inch Laced Wheels
Old-school lace design with a red tire stripe. A style that sets the stage and informs the world what riding is still all about. Throw a leg over a Victory Hard-Ball. Wherever you want to go from here, these wheels will take you.

Red Pinstriping Paint Finish
Custom style never came so dark. The Victory Hard-Ball and its custom pinstriping design lets everyone know that this bike is built to cross the line.

Hard Bagger Storage
21 gallons of hard bag storage allows you to hit the road for as long as you want. You'll have plenty of cargo space for yourself and another rider's carry on if you choose to leave the solo gig behind.

ABS Brakes
Standard on the Hard-Ball, the Victory Anti-Lock Brake System doesn't discriminate between dry, wet or rock-strewn pavement. ABS is not for sissies, it's allowing you and your Hard-Ball to own the road more than anyone else. No matter the conditions, ABS monitors what the wheel is doing and gives you consistent, smooth braking from the handlebar lever down to the rubber on the road