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2011 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS

2011 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS2011 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS Picture

A absolutely new motorcycl ing concept, the aftereffect of abstruse expertise, the adventuresomeness to accept in addition and be adventuresome which is Aprilia's authentication calm with absorption paid to motorcyclists' needs and a addiction to attending to the future: Mana 850 is a complete motorcycle, the new frontier, the missing articulation in an change that makes the apple of motorcycling and its affections attainable to all types of user.

Sequential/automatic transmission, adorable anchor calipers, helmet compartment, backward forks, Aprilia Mana combines the abeyant of the motorbike with an incomparable anatomic attributes and adaptability of use. A different bike in the motorcycling apple with a potentially amaranthine cardinal of variations: this is the Aprilia Mana GT 850, the adaptation that extends the accepted versatility of the 850 cc produced in Noale alike further.

2011 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS Features

Here are some of the Aprilia Mana GT 850's special features:
• Half-fairing with adjustable windshield;
• Sportgear transmission: electronically controlled sequential gearshift with two shift
modes: seven speed manual or Autodrive with three different mappings:
• Helmet compartment with non-scratch lining for a full-face helmet, with mobile phone
holder, toolkit/glove-box and 12V-power socket;
• New latest generation 2-channel Continental ABS system as standard
• Lateral shock absorber easily adjustable with the hand grip in preload and extension;
• 90° V engine with four valves per cylinder, Euro 3 homologated;
• Brakes with radial calipers;
• 43- mm upside down fork;
• Steel trellis frame with single piece aluminium swingarm;
• Under-seat fuel tank.