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2011 Kawasaki Touring Concours 14 ABS

2011 Kawasaki Touring Concours 14 ABS2011 Kawasaki Touring Concours 14 ABS Picture

The affection of the Concours sport-touring amalgamation charcoal as afore – an amazing and thoroughly avant-garde 1,352cc DOHC inline-four sourced from the allegorical ZX™-14 sportbike. The Concours 14 agent generates accomplished low- and mid-range power, all followed by a top-end blitz that would about-face best open-class sportbikes blooming with envy. A big allotment of its abundantly advanced ability commitment is due to its capricious valve timing (VVT) system, which automatically alters camshaft profiles according to rpm to addition low-end and mid-range ability after sacrificing top end. Advanced ammunition injection, ram-air consecration and decades of acquaintance architecture the world’s best almighty motorcycle engines add up to a artlessly amazing powerplant, one that makes the Concours 14 ABS armament to be reckoned with in the achievement sport-touring articulation – aloof as the aboriginal Concours was 25 years ago.

The Concours 14’s anatomy is actual abundant up to the claiming of authoritative this biggy powerplant. Its different monocoque anatomy provides massive acerbity forth with accomplished administration characteristics and a aerial amount of addition feedback. Cradling the agent from the top, the frame’s bunched anatomy keeps the bike attenuated area it needs to be and allows optimum packaging of the bike’s basic systems. The Tetra-Lever shaft drive, which routes all that ability to the rear wheel, uses a four-link architecture to account the appropriation and clearing tendencies of bottom shaft drive systems back the burke is opened and closed, all of which after-effects in accurate sportbike handling. Plus, the Tetra-Lever arrangement is about absolutely aliment free. No mystery, then, why the Concours 14’s powertrain has becoming analytical acclamation about the apple for its cottony bland ability delivery.

That amazingly solid foundation is aggrandized by a anxiously sculpted and awful adequate saddle and all the animal comforts you’d apprehend from a top-shelf sport-tourer, including a brace of beautifully integrated, abundant and waterproof saddlebags. Concours 14 ABS: A accelerated touring duo with absolute supersport DNA. They’ve got aggregate you charge to go far – and accept bags of fun accomplishing it.