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2009 Big Dog Motorcycles Coyote Road Test

2009 Big Dog Motorcycles Coyote Road Test
Big Dog Motorcycles (BDM) is thought for its wide-tired, big-engine, flashy paint schemed production motorcycles, that come back commonplace with legion gleam and elegance. The company's Coyote-its least expensive model-doesn't skimp on any of the aforementioned. HOT BIKE had the Coyote in its possession and logged an honest quantity of miles aboard the beast.

First off I simply wish to mention, i love and respect what huge Dog has accomplished in its fifteen years as a production motorbike manufacturer. Its designs and styles have continued to vary, and set trends from the company's inception up to this day. The Wolf was awarded V-Twin Bike of the Year at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. the corporate should be doing one thing right. however I've heard repeatedly over, in a way or another, that BDM is thought for its luxury-style bikes; bikes that everybody needs however cannot have-kind of like a fashionable automobile (insert your favorite luxury automobile here). However, with the discharge of the Coyote, this new canine options all of the BDM necessities, and it's fairly with a base MSRP just below twenty four grand (about $3,000 but BDM's Pit Bull, consequent intensify in worth range), creating it somewhat a lot of attainable for a broader spectrum of shoppers.

The Coyote is appealing on several levels. It's loaded with vogue, the powertrain screams performance, and also the suspension and handling characteristics are versatile. The carbureted wrinkle black S&S 117ci engine in the course of the BDM six-speed Balance Drive trans and 2-into-1 exhaust brings lots of power to the rear 250 skin wrapped around an 18-inch aluminum wheel. the ultimate drive is formed with bolstered carbon fiber, and as a result, the throttle-when rolled back on-is terribly responsive.

most in order that the Avon rubber on the Coyote chews up the asphalt and spits it within the face of anyone behind it. The S&S mill options a four.125-inch bore and four.375-inch stroke with a nine.6:1 compression ratio. you will find identical motor on each alternative model, except the Wolf. The front tire was fitted on a 21-inch rim, measuring a pair of.15 inches wide. The front and rear wheels received two-piece, full floating rotors, however the front features a four-piston stopper, the rear options a two-piston caliper. each work well in bringing the Pro-Street to a stop when used along.

the length of the Coyote is eight 1/2 feet, and also the running weight is 695 pounds. however the pup maneuvers nicely. The frame is raked at thirty-nine degrees with three degrees of rake within the trees and also the path is four.74 inches. As i used to be near to board the Coyote at the Orange County huge Dog dealership, one in all the fellows at the counter shouted, "That issue handles sort of a Gixxer!" I checked out the bike, then I said to myself, "A Gixxer, huh? We'll see." Long story short, it doesn't handle sort of a Gixxer, however I will see why the gentleman said such a issue. in all probability as a result of it options the second narrowest rear tire within the BDM kennel at 250mm, and yes it did handle a lot of nimbly than the other huge Dog model I've ridden (K-9, Mutt, Pit Bull, Ridgeback).