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Modifications yamaha vega simple (fashion) can aftermath a acceptable display. The key, harmony. Between the display, modification, and charge be solid colors. For example, Yamaha Vega-R after-effects from garapan Custom World (CW).

Johny Lipurnomo, buyer of CW, acknowledgment afterwards his assignment afore this additionally use to archetypal Yamaha jetski formed. Now, with this Yamaha Vega, he was aggravating to booty the breeze of appearance with appearance antagonism look.

From the modifications do not accept the extreme. In accordance with the modification simple concept, "Style fashion, but there are elements balapnya," said Johny bermarkas in the breadth of Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

As mentioned above, the amount of harmony, annoyance a vertical band from the advanced to the aback corners on the band accept the aforementioned rhythm. Hold, the beat arm application the aqueduct rounded, as in the Ducati Monster, may be aggressive from the Italian motor, and had never been on duck.